I know how exhausting it can feel to keep holding yourself back.

It's time to take your foot off the brake pedal and unlock your true potential.

Are you ready?

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Barbara Nixon
one to one coaching

Hey, I'm Barbara...

and I'm a Success Coach and Founder of Smash Your Own Ceiling™️.

I know how frustrating it is to hold yourself back and get in your own way as a business owner or leader, and I also know that there are so many ways that this can happen for you.

From not speaking up in a meeting

Talking yourself out of doing something that you really want to do

Discounting your prices

Letting your boundaries slip


Or constantly changing your mind and starting again.

This list could literally go on forever, but the thing is that you're not here to play small. You know deep down inside that you're here for more, if only you could just take your foot off the brake pedal, and stop listening so much to your inner critic.

If this is how you feel and you're done with getting in your own way this is the membership for you...it's not called Smash Your Own Ceiling for nothing!

Within these walls you'll remember who you are, grow your confidence and self belief and learn how to go for what you want and be given the tools, techniques and lots of support to help you unlock your true potential.

Although this is a membership what makes this different is the weekly (and not monthly) calls. Think of this like the yoga class for your mind where once a week you jump on a zoom call and reflect, re-set and re-charge your mindset for the coming week all in a fun and really relaxed way.

You can choose to join in every week and make it part of your routine, or just drop in once or twice a month to keep working on your mindset.

But that's not all - once inside The Collective you'll immediately have access to my five part foundational programme POWER, a Members Only vault with meditations, journaling prompts, affirmations and worksheets to support you in your journey, with new bundles dropping every month, occasional guest experts AND you'll have access to a Private Members Facebook Group to ask questions and just join in the fun.

All for the price of £1 a day!

Find your inner *POWER*

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The Monthly Membership that's totally designed to help you stop holding yourself back, grow your confidence and self belief and get the results you really want.

£30 per month (3 month minimum commitment)

OR £285 per year (a saving of £75!)

(Less than £2 a day)

This is for you if...

  • You're a Business Owner or Leader
  • You're tired of holding yourself back and getting in your own way.
  • You're frustrated by knowing that you're capable of so much more but you can't put your finger on why you can't make it happen for yourself
  • You want to feel more confident and have the self belief to go after what you want
  • You're tired of playing small
  • You've had enough of always having the same issues and experiences popping up over and over again
  • You're ready to step into your new reality
  • You want to actually take action without second guessing yourself or feeling like 'an imposter'.
  • You want to grow your confidence and self belief
  • You're ready to stop being the world's best kept secret and to step into your power.
  • You know you're here for more...you can feel it.
  • You want to surround yourself with kindred spirits all on a similar journey.

Pay Monthly £30

3 month commitment and then able to cancel at any time.

Pay Annually - (Most Cost Effective Option) £285

Pay now and then nothing for 12 months

(Less than £2 a day)

What You Get Inside



Yes, that's right! Every single week (on a Wednesday at 7pm UK time) we have a call via zoom where you get accountability, extra training and group coaching. Plus you get to hang out with other amazing people who will rapidly become your best friends (and it's fun too!!)



Access to a Private Members Vault which not only houses my proven five week programme (POWER), it also houses all of the exercises, worksheets, meditations and journaling prompts that have been dropped each month so far.



Each month a brand new worksheet / mindset exercise, meditation, new journaling prompts, and regular guest experts will land in the members area ready for you to dive into.



Access to the Private Facebook Group so you can chat, ask questions and support other members

What do others say?

"This programme really is life changing and encourages you to dig deep, reflect, re-focus and reframe your mindset / outlook. I wouldn't have got to where I am without her and am forever grateful."

— Francesca Aproskie, UK

"I love the exercises we do in the weekly call to teach and encourage me to dream big. I'm so excited about my future!

I love the group of amazing people I get to grow alongside with. It's so empowering to be able to belong to a group like this. I'm forever thankful to Barbara

- Lara Mans, S. Africa

"Barbara is so supportive, challenges me in the right way, helps me smash out of my comfort zone, get amazing clarity and guides me with actions that take me forward.

She shares her own experiences and incredible knowledge in such a fun and friendly way that I know I am in good hands"

— Hazel Ponsford, UK

What's my Story...

I've been in the People Development space for 26 years and counting. Throughout that time I've been a Senior Manager in the Head Offices of two of the 'Big 4' retailers here in the UK. Ran a Training Consultancy that took me all over the world working with senior leaders in a variety of different businesses and sectors, coached hundreds of people from Entrepreneurs to CEO's of 8 figure businesses and grew two of my own businesses to 6 figures...But I've also been a Jedi Master at holding myself back.

There are so many ways you can hold yourself back...for me it was doing 'just enough'.

I've always been ambitious, and wanted to take the world by storm...but I was also really good at playing small and skirting around the edges of what I wanted to achieve..and the problem was that I secretly knew it, and it was incredibly frustrating and EXHAUSTING!!

JOIN TODAY FOR £42 A MONTH (Less than £2 a day)

It literally felt like I was living my life with one foot firmly on the brake pedal!

Finally, everything came to a head when I started struggling with horrendous stage fright. For a speaker, and trainer this wasn't good news and I had my 'enough's enough moment'. So, I started doing the inner work to get myself out of the hole I'd created for myself.

At the same time of all of this happening (because the universe loves to give us a gazillion signs all at once) I was also coaching amazing people who were all experiencing the same problem. Sure they had different symptoms and patterns but the key factor was the same. Holding themselves back.

Amazing and talented people at all levels from business owners, to Managing Directors and CEO's and everyone in between, all with more skills, knowledge and experience than you could shake a stick at, and all 'hiding' in some way.

This came up in a variety of different ways:

Saying yes when they wanted to say no, (or saying no when they wanted to say yes)

Playing small in their business

Not being visible online or not speaking up in meetings

Feeling like an imposter

Listening too much to their inner critic

Or being so busy providing for other people that there's no time left for themselves.

The list really does go on.

And so Smash Your Own Ceiling was born.

This has nothing to do with the 'glass ceiling' that is often spoken about, but the ceiling that we create for ourselves, where at some point we've decided how far we can go and what we can achieve.

Smashing this ceiling is what this membership is all about.

Remembering who you really are, trusting yourself, unlocking your true potential and finally listening to that beautiful voice that's been whispering to you all along from the depths of your soul.

This is my mission. To help as many amazing people discover themselves again as possible.

If you're ready, come on in.

What do you get?

Immediate access to my 5 part programme *POWER*

This will give you the foundation tools that you can start to put into practice straight away.

Weekly Group Coaching Calls

Yes, they happen every week on a Wednesday at 7pm (uk time). This is where we jump on zoom,

Access to The Members Vault

Where you'll find all the previous exercises, worksheets, journaling prompts, affirmations, meditations and all the good stuff to support you on your journey.

Monthly Mindset Bundle Drop

Each month you'll get an additional bundle drop magically into the Vault. This will follow what we've discussed that month ready to support you to take action.

Guest Experts

We'll also have guest experts pop in to share their wisdom on a topic related to Smashing Your Own Ceiling and becoming your most unlimited self.

How does it work?

As soon as you register you'll receive your login details to the members area where you'll get instant access to my 5 part programme *Power* AND all the previous content that you can start to look through straight away.

You'll also get a link to join the Private Facebook Group so you can jump in and introduce yourself and the link to join that week's group call.

It's a super friendly place with the whole vibe being on mindset, support and un-locking your potential so I know you're going to love it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the refund policy?

As this is a digital programme there are no refunds available.

If you're paying monthly we ask for a 3 month commitment, you're then able to cancel at any time.

What happens on the group calls?

On the group calls we reflect on the previous week, re-set where we're at (with additional training and coaching) and re-charge so we're ready for the week ahead. It's a jam packed hour and members always tell me they leave feeling super charged for the week ahead.

What if I miss a Group Call?

All the group calls are recorded so you can watch them when you're ready.

"I am so grateful to be a member of Smash Your Own Ceiling. In just 8 weeks I have learned so much about levelling up my mindset and creating new habits. But even more than that, I have been encouraged and inspired by the other members of the group (and our dynamic as a whole) as we all press forward toward achieving our big dreams.

Barbara is an incredible coach, balancing just the right amount of solid support with gentle challenges to take us even deeper into our journeys for our most fulfilled lives. I whole-heartedly recommend this programme to anyone seeking renewed focus and a desire to shoot for their limitless self"

— Jess Costaldi


"I love every second of the Smash Your Own Ceiling. My biggest win was realising my biggest block / limiting belief, shutting up my inner critic and going for my goal.

Not just going for my goal but achieving it too.

The weekly calls are amazing, helping me to think about aspects I wouldn't have otherwise. I re-use the questions from the session in my journal too.

If you can't decide whether to join or not, do it. I get so much out of it. My business grew, and so did my confidence. I have a plan and I'm getting there.

I couldn't be without the little Barbara on my shoulder.

Thank you so much"

— Neti Stefanik

Are you ready to stop hiding?

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(Less than £2 a month)