FREE 5 Day "Smash Your Own Ceiling" Mindset Challenge - Discover the Simple Steps to Stop Holding Yourself Back and Start Getting The Big Results You Want In Your Business

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🔥 The Number One tool that will help you to get comfortable stretching your comfort zone, so you can finally start getting the results you want in your business without holding yourself back or getting in your own way!

🔥 How you're sabotaging your success without even realising it, and the 5 super simple, practical and easy tools you can use to prime your mindset for success!

🔥 The 3 Big Ways to go from feeling stuck in a rut to super focused so you can not only rocket fuel your productivity but learn to side step what's blocking your progress, and make more money in your business!


💥 You're an Entrepreneur or Business Owner and you have big dreams but just can't seem to get there.

💥 You hold yourself back from trying new things that you know would benefit you and move you closer to your goal?  

💥 Your results are 'good enough' but you want more and seem to have hit a plateau.

💥You have excuses that get in the way of new opportunities? "You don't have time" "You're too old, too young, not good enough" "you'll do it when the kids are older" "I don't know enough yet." "I don't want to annoy people"

💥You find yourself comparing yourself to others who are achieving your dreams, and wonder how they can do it, and you can't.

💥You avoid 'putting yourself out there' and raising your visibility even though you know it's important to your business and career.

💥 You feel 'stuck in a rut' and always find yourself back where you started.

 If you can relate join the 5 day challenge and learn tips that you can use over and over again AND learn how to get comfortable stretching your comfort zone.

Here's how it works...  

Once you register you'll receive an invitation to join a temporary Facebook group.This is where everything will happen.  

On the Sunday before the challenge, the Facebook group and members area will open and you'll be let in. Throughout the week of the challenge, you'll receive a short video each day that will talk you through that day's task - plus there'll be some surprise bonus tasks that you can take part in too!  

You'll also be able to share your progress, celebrate your wins, and ask me any questions you like. I'm there to support you.  

So... are you in?


"This has been a game-changer! Not only did I personally benefit from the daily small challenges and accountability that Barbara provided, her insight provided me with some key learnings I shall take forward. On top of that, many of my team experienced incredible results in their own businesses through the daily actions. She was absolutely brilliant and I would highly recommend working with Barbara." (Kati) 


"I LOVED the challenge. Before I took part I held myself back and never pushed myself forwards in my career even though I was more than capable. Since then I've not stopped! The tips are easy to use and the group is amazing. I'd recommend jumping in if you're ready for that next step." (Lucy)  

"The mindset challenge is a must! Barbara is a really inspiring, relatable and warm person that gave me the right environment to challenge myself. I found the sessions really helpful. I learnt so much about myself and how simple changes can make positive impacts in my life." (Shirell)  

"Barbara is very down to earth and could explain her techniques with humour. She is so good at pinpointing the common excuses and barriers that we all use unconsciously to self sabotage...You can tell that Barbara has a love for people and she really cares about helping you to change your mindset, which paves the way for your own success. I would highly recommend working with Barbara if you want to be confident, successful and kick that inner critic to the curb." (Clair)  

"I was the world's worst procrastinator before this week, it's more or less gone due to a more positive mindset thanks to this challenge" (Caren)

"I absolutely loved Barbara’s mindset challenge! The challenge itself was fun and enlightening, massively beneficial making me more aware of myself, my self worth and allowing myself to take time out for me guilt free!! I enjoyed it so much I’d do it all again to help plant those seeds a little deeper! Thanks Barbara!" (Helen)

"Barbara really challenged my mindset and pushed me out of my comfort zone, but the impact on me has been amazing" (Sharon)



As a Success Coach, Barbara helps Business Owners, get unstuck, improve their mindset, grow their confidence and maximise their productivity so they can get the success they really want.  

After 20+ years in the People Development arena and helping hundreds of people achieve their potential, Barbara kept seeing amazing people holding themselves back and getting in the way of their own success.  

As someone who has been there and worn the T-shirt when it comes to improving her own mindset, she’s now on a mission to help amazing people bust through their comfort zones, prime their mindsets for success and really step into their own power so they can achieve their goals.  

After all life’s just too short to play small!  

She does this through her one to one Coaching Programme, and her online programme (The Smash your own ceiling Academy), and she prides herself on teaching the small tweaks that can make MASSIVE results.  

With a style that has been described as ‘Down to Earth’ ‘Fun’ and ‘Approachable’ – like ‘chatting to your friend but getting amazing results at the same time’ Barbara focuses on helping you get the results you want, in a way that’s right for you.  

Barbara is also a speaker, the author of The Boss Hat, and has been featured in Addicted2Success,Thrive Global and the BBC.

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